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                       I’m Catherine Ryan and I live my life open and available for all the amazing things that come my way.  As a person and an actress, I’m very good at 'reading the situation' and thinking on my feet.  Having four kids (just some of those amazing things) really prepares you to be flexible and loads your tool kit with imagination, humor, creativity, and improv skills…almost as much as Meisner and Stanislavsky.  Nothing like young children to make you have options B, C, and D right up your sleeve when A isn’t cutting it!


                       After landing an Off-Broadway play on Theater Row, several national network commercials, and booking a pilot in L.A. my first year out of William Esper Studio, I returned to finish my college degree at NYU, putting my legit acting career on hold so I could care for my ill mother.  It was her hope that I would finish college, which I did, graduating summa cum laude and Valedictorian of my Gallatin class 2 weeks before she passed away.  Then, from her heavenly vantage point, she kept sending her grandkids my way!

                       I love traveling and have driven cross-country 8 times (alone, with my dog, friends, husband, and most recently with my husband and four children).  I’m always looking to see what’s around the next corner!  Luckily, as a longtime NYC native, I’m finding adventures right in my neighborhood and in the characters I’ve been fortunate enough to play:  from struggling single mother to obsessed wife; driven business woman to alcoholic widow; caring friend to seductive MILF...just to name a few.  Boy, am I happy to back in the acting saddle again!

                       Never one to sit on the sidelines, I’m trying on some new hats this year: producer and writer.  So many things I want to do, but I’m thinking that writing and shooting a short will be the next challenge.  Imagining my own creation touring the festival circuit makes me want to do a little happy dance.  Come join me as I discover what lies ‘round the next bend.

On A Personal Note...

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